Teammate Testimonials

"Working at Methuen has been such a positive experience compared to others that I’ve had in the construction industry. There are genuinely good, hardworking people that work here. I have the privilege of being a part of the Estimating department, which is a really collaborative environment that encourages new ideas and values innovative approaches. I’m grateful that my teammates, both direct and indirect, are a resource that can help me develop and grow to become a more well-rounded professional "
- Tara Eggleston-Johnston, MC Sub & Vendor Relations Specialist
"I really appreciated the Leadership Development Program. The program exemplifies The Methuen Way values, in particular Continuous Improvement and Spirit. I truly felt that I had the whole company behind me during this program, and I was amazed at the encouragement I received from so many teammates. The LDP helped me to be more organized, to deal with confrontation issues, and to have the confidence to take on more of a leadership role."
- Sue Miller, MC Project Administration Manager
"An outstanding aspect to working for MC is the feeling of family and giving. Even with the recent complexities provided to all of us, continuing events such as quarterly meetings and other gatherings brings a sense of normality, even with offering them virtually, and provisions are afforded to help continue the traditions. We all feel that we are a part of the success - not just told we are."
- Jon McKeon, MC Senior Superintendent
"Every day is an adventure due to the type of work always changing. Methuen has treated me well for the last 18 years."
- Joseph Viera, MC Pipefitter
"I really enjoyed the Leadership Development Program (LDP). I learned some valuable lessons that I use on the job site every day. I am much better at dealing with conflicts, and communicating with subcontractors and teammates. I also liked going to the career day in New Boston to talk to the next generation of construction workers."
- Nick Hanson, MC Mechanical Lead
"I’d have to say my position as an HR Manager, and now Director, with Methuen Construction has been one of the most challenging AND rewarding. My favorite part of the job is going out to the jobsites to meet the men and women working in the trenches to build that wastewater treatment plant or submarine enclosure. Building those relationships and being an advocate for them is what I find most gratifying."
- Michelle Hennessey, MC Director of Human Resources
"What I enjoy about working in construction is the ability to connect with and work alongside so many great individuals, from the skilled trades and field personnel to the office and executive team. It’s really amazing to see individuals at all levels including those just entering the workforce as co-ops, engineers, and field workers to more seasoned professionals develop themselves to achieve their goals and advancing in their careers."
- Sarah Camisa, MC Recruiting Manager
"My time as a co-op has allowed me to further understand and learn about the construction industry and more specifically, water and wastewater operations. I had the chance to work on many different projects in different stages of construction. I have learned a significant amount about mechanical and electrical processes which I have had little exposure to academically. Everyone at Methuen construction has been supporting, willing to teach me, and allowed me to challenge myself."
- Ryan Brockway, Co-op
"The transition to remote work during the pandemic was something that came about very quickly, but we were prepared to handle it since we already had teammates working remotely. Increasing the capacity for more teammates to work from home was a smooth process. Everyone at HQ was helpful in telling us their needs so that we could satisfy them. I thank my fellow teammates for being as helpful and understanding as possible so that we could help them adapt to the changed nature of work."
- Derek Darko, MC IT Support Specialist
"Our onboarding process is made to be easy for new teammates. We make it easy by having an HRIS (Human Resources Information System) that they can apply through and then complete the steps of their onboarding paperwork. Everything is saved in their own electronic filing cabinet so the new teammate does not have to worry about paper. This also helps us be compliant with federal contractor regulations."
- Danielle L'Antigua, MC HRIS & Marketing Specialist
"One of the many ways Methuen empowers their managers is with our ‘MC University’ program. It’s offered frequently throughout the year and highlights several educational, safety, scheduling, processes, leadership and development trainings. These trainings give our teammates the opportunities to learn, teach, educate, or re-educate themselves in many important aspects of business and our construction industry. Staying safe, having fun and being part of the team is what Methuen is all about!"
- Patrick Castrogiovanni, MC Project Manager
"Methuen empowers managers to lead projects using their preferred methods while providing guidance and training on best practices and critical skillsets. They promote a flexible approach to managing projects and recognize the need to adapt to dynamic and varying conditions between projects. Managers are given a great deal of authority reducing the amount of red tape and roadblocks."
- Cody Barnes, MC Project Manager
"Methuen Construction provides us with the tools to manage our projects efficiently. MC invests in each of us with training and support to develop our leadership skills. They encourage us to provide feedback on a regular basis. Most of all, they care about us personally and consider our well-being in all their business decisions."
- Trevor Towne, MC Senior Project Manager
"Working in construction provides an everchanging environment and challenges you in ways most other industries don’t. There is so much passion and talent in this industry and if you are willing to get out there, ask questions, and do your best, you will be supported in all aspects of your career."
- Krista McCullough, MC Corporate Safety Manager
"While it certainly has been a challenge over the past year and a half to navigate and adapt to the regularly changing conditions brought forth by the COVID-19 pandemic, I am extremely proud of the ingenuity and dedication put forth by our team to ensure that the safety and health of our teammates was kept as priority #1 while we maintained uninterrupted employment for our teammates and successfully progressed our critical projects."
- John McGrath, MC Vice President of Construction Operations
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