Teammate Testimonials

"Working at Methuen has been such a positive experience compared to others that I’ve had in the construction industry. There are genuinely good, hardworking people that work here. I have the privilege of being a part of the Estimating department, which is a really collaborative environment that encourages new ideas and values innovative approaches. I’m grateful that my teammates, both direct and indirect, are a resource that can help me develop and grow to become a more well-rounded professional "
- Tara Eggleston-Johnston, MC Preconstruction Admin Manager
"I really appreciated the Leadership Development Program. The program exemplifies The Methuen Way values, in particular Continuous Improvement and Spirit. I truly felt that I had the whole company behind me during this program, and I was amazed at the encouragement I received from so many teammates. The LDP helped me to be more organized, to deal with confrontation issues, and to have the confidence to take on more of a leadership role."
- Sue Miller, MC Project Administration Manager
"I really enjoyed the Leadership Development Program (LDP). I learned some valuable lessons that I use on the job site every day. I am much better at dealing with conflicts, and communicating with subcontractors and teammates. I also liked going to the career day in New Boston to talk to the next generation of construction workers."
- Nick Hanson, MC Mechanical Lead
"I’d have to say my position as an HR Manager, and now Director, with Methuen Construction has been one of the most challenging AND rewarding. My favorite part of the job is going out to the jobsites to meet the men and women working in the trenches to build that wastewater treatment plant or submarine enclosure. Building those relationships and being an advocate for them is what I find most gratifying."
- Michelle Hennessey, MC Director of Human Resources
"My time as a co-op has allowed me to further understand and learn about the construction industry and more specifically, water and wastewater operations. I had the chance to work on many different projects in different stages of construction. I have learned a significant amount about mechanical and electrical processes which I have had little exposure to academically. Everyone at Methuen construction has been supporting, willing to teach me, and allowed me to challenge myself."
- Ryan Brockway, Co-op
"Our onboarding process is made to be easy for new teammates. We make it easy by having an HRIS (Human Resources Information System) that they can apply through and then complete the steps of their onboarding paperwork. Everything is saved in their own electronic filing cabinet so the new teammate does not have to worry about paper. This also helps us be compliant with federal contractor regulations."
- Danielle L'Antigua, MC Digital HR Specialist
"One of the many ways Methuen empowers their managers is with our ‘MC University’ program. It’s offered frequently throughout the year and highlights several educational, safety, scheduling, processes, leadership and development trainings. These trainings give our teammates the opportunities to learn, teach, educate, or re-educate themselves in many important aspects of business and our construction industry. Staying safe, having fun and being part of the team is what Methuen is all about!"
- Patrick Castrogiovanni, MC Project Manager
"Methuen empowers managers to lead projects using their preferred methods while providing guidance and training on best practices and critical skillsets. They promote a flexible approach to managing projects and recognize the need to adapt to dynamic and varying conditions between projects. Managers are given a great deal of authority reducing the amount of red tape and roadblocks."
- Cody Barnes, MC Project Manager
"Methuen Construction provides us with the tools to manage our projects efficiently. MC invests in each of us with training and support to develop our leadership skills. They encourage us to provide feedback on a regular basis. Most of all, they care about us personally and consider our well-being in all their business decisions."
- Trevor Towne, MC Project Executive
"Working in construction provides an everchanging environment and challenges you in ways most other industries don’t. There is so much passion and talent in this industry and if you are willing to get out there, ask questions, and do your best, you will be supported in all aspects of your career."
- Krista McCullough, MC Corporate Safety Manager
"At Methuen, we believe our first-rate onboarding process is important in acclimating teammates to the company’s philosophies, history, their role, and what the company has to offer. It is an opportunity for various departments to engage with new hires to create teammates that are committed to the company’s success and help retain them by making them feel like a member of the team."
- Michelle Hennessey, MC Human Resources Director
"What I love about working in construction is the vast array of personalities and generations we get to work with. We have some people just starting out and some people that have spent their whole lives in construction. Methuen Construction does a great job meshing those personalities and generations together so that we can keep learning from each other. I look forward to getting new projects so I can meet the next team I am going to be working and learning with."
- Kristen Symonds, MC Operations Coordinator
"What makes me the best fit for my position is my willingness to learn. I need to be able to solve problems, create, and set-up different hardware and software that may be new to me. Being excited to learn about these things and apply my skills I learned at school is a good trait to have for a co-op position. "
- Christian Army, MC IT Co-Op
"I am most proud when I see teammates that joined MC early in their careers who have continued to grow and develop into top notch construction professionals. It is very rewarding to be a part of this progression for teammates that joined us as new graduates and have become Senior Project Engineers, Assistant Project Managers, Assistant Superintendents, and trade crew Leads."
- John McGrath, MC Vice President of Federal Markets
"The most rewarding part of what we do is overcoming a challenge as a team. Even the best laid out plans get thrown a curve ball. Getting the team together to review the situation, developing a plan, and seeing it executed successfully is a great feeling. The most challenging part is the same as the most rewarding. Trying to overcome unexpected or unknown obstacles in the 11th hour can be stressful and a real challenge. "
- Richard Czerw, MC Project Executive
"The most rewarding part of my job is when I have actively participated on a portion of the project with my team, and everyone is truly involved and excited to successfully get the work done. And then the product is complete, and all-along we’ve worked toward this common goal together and brought it to fruition. That last piece, successfully completing the task together is most rewarding to me."
- Amanda Curtin, Senior Project Engineer