Teammate Testimonials

"Working at Methuen has been such a positive experience compared to others that I’ve had in the construction industry. There are genuinely good, hardworking people that work here. I have the privilege of being a part of the Estimating department, which is a really collaborative environment that encourages new ideas and values innovative approaches. I’m grateful that my teammates, both direct and indirect, are a resource that can help me develop and grow to become a more well-rounded professional "
- Tara Eggleston-Johnston, MC Sub & Vendor Relations Specialist
"My experience here at Methuen Construction has been driven, meticulous, and persistent. The wide range of work that we complete each day is important and impactful."
- Jake Hitchcock, MC Civil Foreman
"I really appreciated the Leadership Development Program. The program exemplifies The Methuen Way values, in particular Continuous Improvement and Spirit. I truly felt that I had the whole company behind me during this program, and I was amazed at the encouragement I received from so many teammates. The LDP helped me to be more organized, to deal with confrontation issues, and to have the confidence to take on more of a leadership role."
- Sue Miller, MC Senior Project Administrator
"An outstanding aspect to working for MC is the feeling of family and giving. Even with the recent complexities provided to all of us, continuing events such as quarterly meetings and other gatherings brings a sense of normality, even with offering them virtually, and provisions are afforded to help continue the traditions. We all feel that we are a part of the success - not just told we are."
- Jon McKeon, MC Project Superintendent