Experience Industrial

Methuen Construction has constructed some of the most challenging and complex projects for our clients in the Heavy Industrial sector for over 55 years. From Process/Mechanical projects such as heavy rigging to massive site work such as large excavations and trenching, Methuen Construction has the skills and expertise to handle the largest heavy industrial projects.


Everett, MA - Steel Recycling Facility Construction
Structural steel and concrete had to support a 10,000 HP Riverside Engineering Mega Shredder.Read More
North Billerica, MA - Asbestos Removal
Contaminated soil removal an unforeseen, but key part, of this heavy industrial construction project.Read More
Charlotte, NC - Tank Build & Installation for a CHP Facility
The project built 10 glass-fused-to-steel tanks that use anaerobic digestion to turn waste into energy.Read More
Durham, NH - Intricate Rigging of a Chiller Node
Project included the precise rigging and setting of a 14 ton absorption chiller and cooling tower.Read More
Everett, MA - Non-Ferrous Facility Construction
Design preparation, procurement, and construction management were part of this project.Read More
Haverhill, MA - Air Pollution Control Retrofit
The project was designed and constructed in a 15 month schedule with major components finished during a two week period.Read More
Manchester, NH - Large-scale Cast-in-Place Concrete
The project placed all concrete foundations, footings, walls, slabs, and sidewalks for the Civic Center.Read More
Taunton, MA - Equalization Tank Build
The glass-fused-to-steel tank is comprised of over 4,500 bolts and 125,000 cubic centimeters of sealant.Read More
Merrimack, NH - Brewery Cooling & Dehumidification
Special safety procedures for equipment rigging and setting was required at the Anheuser-Busch Brewery. Read More
Revere, MA - Gas Fired Turbine Installation
The project included the setting of two 60,000 lb. turbine generators and 90,000 linear feet of piping.Read More
North Billerica, MA - Foundation Modifications
Modifications to the existing foundation were required to accommodate this immense welding machine.Read More
Clinton, MA - Temporary Soda Ash Silo
A temporary ash silo was constructed so the wastewater treatment facility could install a new system.Read More
Lawrence, MA - Bridge Repair & Painting
The project included fabrication, installation, and painting of 4 sections of the Mill Street Bridge.Read More