Experience Wastewater Treatment

Methuen Construction has extensive experience and expertise in the building and expansion of Wastewater Treatment Facilities. The company has worked with numerous cities and towns in the Northeast to upgrade aging facilities to meet environmental protection standards, and to expand facilities to incorporate the latest technological advancements. The Company has been diligent in developing the skills and competencies necessary to meet the requirements of modern plants such as Anaerobic Digestion, Combined Sewage Overflow and Nutrient/Phosphorus Removal. Methuen Construction has the skills and expertise to build cutting-edge Wastewater Facilities from the ground up.


Hartford, CT - Dry Ash Handling & Loading Facility
Construction of a handling & loading facility at The Metropolitan District Water Pollution Control Facility. Read More
Portsmouth, NH - Major Treatment Facility Expansion
The project is the largest in Portsmouth, NH history with a design flow of 6.1 million gallons per day. Read More
Newburyport, MA - New Pump Station Construction
This very successful project constructed a new pump station on-time and on budget.Read More
Nashua, NH - Combined Sewer Overflow Facility
Prevention of sewer overflow to the Merrimack River and EPA compliance were the goals of the project.Read More
Manchester, NH - Primary Clarifier Upgrades
Three primary clarifiers and gravity thickeners were upgraded at the wastewater treatment plant.Read More
Westborough, MA - Major Upgrades and Expansion
This large treatment plant project completed under budget and 3 months ahead of schedule. Read More
Killingly, CT - Bio-Filter Odor Control System
The improvements allow air from all primary odor sources to be connected to the new odor control system.Read More
Attleboro, MA - EPA Mandated Upgrades
A close partnership with Attleboro’s Water Department ensured adequate wastewater flow.Read More
Wareham, MA - Water Pollution Control facility
Wareham's treatment facility was required to comply with more stringent nitrogen and phosphorus limits.Read More
North Andover, MA - Force Main Replacement
Installation of 2500’ of 72" Force Main Hobas Pipe and upgrade of Riverside Pumping Station. Read More
Nashua, NH - Storm Flow Improvements
Construction of a 16 million gallon per day influent pump station improved storm flow control.Read More
Marlborough, MA - Complex Treatment Plant Upgrade
The project included the construction of a new phosphorous removal system and expansion of the facility.Read More
North Andover, MA - Pump Station Improvements
The improvements increase pumping capacity from 135 million gallons per day to 165 million gallons per day..Read More
Worcester, MA - New Sewer Pump Station
A new Whitla Drive pump station is being built since the current station cannot handle overflow events.Read More
Middleborough, MA - Water Pollution Control Upgrade
The project meets stringent federal standards for lower phosphorous and nitrogen discharge.Read More
Leominster, MA - Biological Nutrient Removal System
The installation of an Actiflo Nutrient Removal system allowed the town to meet EPA guidelines.Read More
Franklin, NH - Plant Energy Efficient Upgrades
The project installed three positive displacement-style blowers and four turbo blowers.Read More
Hopedale, MA - Ultraviolet Disinfection System Upgrade
This project includes replacement of an ultraviolet disinfection system, and two new secondary clarifiers.Read More
Fitchburg, MA - Aerated Grit Removal System
All daily processing functions were relocated via a by-pass allowing regular operations to continue.Read More
Billerica, MA - Energy Efficient Upgrades
Upgraded components including three 100 HP wastewater pumps, wet well monitoring, SCADA and VFD systems.Read More
Bangor, ME - Butterfly Valve Removal and Replacement
This project removed and replaced the aging butterfly valve at the Kenduskeag Pump Station.Read More
Rockport, MA - Sewer Pump Station Upgrade
The leakage threat to an adjacent beach required a complete overhaul of a sewer pump station.Read More
North Andover, MA - Complex Pump Replacement
A pump at the Riverside Pump Station was removed, completely rebuilt, and then reinstalled.Read More
Manchester, NH - Boiler Removal and Replacement
Replaced three oil-fired boilers with a new four-unit gas-fired hydronic heating plant. Read More
Chicopee, MA - Pollution Control Facility Upgrade
The project repaired the critical secondary clarifiers at the Chicopee water pollution control facility.Read More
Worcester, MA - Sewer Catch Basin Cleaning
The project not only involved cleaning of the catch basin, but the replacement of valves and pipes as well.Read More