Experience Federal

Methuen Construction has completed major projects for the U.S. Government at several locations including Naval shipyards, military bases, and  national parks.  We remain competitive on both new and retrofit work through accurate and competitive bidding, our state-of-the-art facilities, skilled teammates, and vast experience.


PNSY Dry Dock 2 Complex - Kittery, ME
The project includes the construction and fabrication of several enclosures and passageway sections for use at Dry Dock #2 at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard in Kittery, ME.Read More
PNSY Dry Dock 2 Portal Crane Rail & Tunnel Repairs - Kittery, ME
The project provides portal crane rail infrastructure and replaces the crane rail as well as repairing the tunnel at Dry Dock 2.Read More
PNSY Paint, Blast, and Rubber Facility - Kittery, ME
The project consolidates the existing paint, blast, and rubber operations at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard to a newly constructed facility.Read More
PNSY P266 - Kittery, ME
This project accomplished the phased renovation and reconstruction of two historic industrial shop buildings, to facilitate the enhancement of work processes and consolidation of personnel into new efficient facilities.Read More
Sandy Hook Beach Erosion Control System - Sandy Hook, NJ
The project provided the design, construction, and installation of skid-mounted sand slurry pumps.Read More
Buzzards Bay Unique Wind Turbine Foundation - Buzzards Bay, MA
The design & construction of a unique wind turbine foundation was a key piece of this project. Read More
PNSY Submarine Maintenance Enclosures - Kittery, ME
Structural steel submarine maintenance modules were delivered to the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard.Read More
Chicopee Automatic Temperature Control System - Chicopee, MA
Two new steam boilers and an automatic temperature control system were installed at Westover Air Force Base.Read More
Buzzards Bay ETR Water Treatment System - Buzzards Bay, MA
The Extraction, Treatment, and Reinjection, ETR, treatment system processes 4,000 Gallons Per Minute.Read More
Bedford Air-Traffic Control Tower - Bedford, MA
The air-traffic control tower was built to withstand severe earthquake impacts and extremely high winds.Read More