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Littleton Water Resource Recovery Facility - Littleton, MA
Methuen Construction is constructing a new water resource recovery facility in Littleton, MA.Read More
Venturi Replacement - Everett, MA
This project replaces two Venturi cyclonic separators.Read More
North Brookfield Wastewater Treatment Facility - North Brookfield, MA
Methuen Construction is upgrading the existing wastewater treatment plant and constructing a new Administration and Lab building.Read More
Gloucester Flood Control - Gloucester, MA
Methuen Construction is constructing a flood resiliency system at the water pollution control facility.Read More
West Lynn Phase III Sewer Separation - Lynn, MA
Project scope includes construction of a 44-foot deep, concrete-filled pipe pile supported, 96 MGD stormwater pump station, including 1,000 foot micro-tunnel for 54-inch forcemain and 72-inch drain in Commercial Street.Read More
PNSY Dry Dock 2 Complex - Kittery, ME
The project includes the construction and fabrication of several enclosures and passageway sections for use at Dry Dock #2 at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard in Kittery, ME.Read More
SESD Primary Clarifiers - Salem, MA
This project consists of restoring seven primary clarifier tanks and primary influent and effluent channels at the wastewater treatment plant in Salem, MA.Read More
Merrimack Wastewater Treatment Facility Upgrade Phase III - Merrimack, NH
This project includes the upgrading of the Town of Merrimack's Wastewater Treatment Facility, Souhegan Pump Station and Thornton's Ferry Pump Station.Read More
Manchester Merrimack River Water Treatment Plant - Hooksett, NH
The project consists of constructing an new 7.2 million gallon per day drinking water treatment plant and raw water pumping station.Read More
Kingston Wastewater Treatment Plan Expansion - Kingston, MA
This project involves an expansion of the Kingston Wastewater Treatment Plant from a current treatment capacity of 375,000 GPD to 700,000 GPD.Read More
PNSY Dry Dock 2 Portal Crane Rail & Tunnel Repairs - Kittery, ME
The project provides portal crane rail infrastructure and replaces the crane rail as well as repairing the tunnel at Dry Dock 2.Read More
SESD Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrade - Salem, MA
This project includes upgrades and improvements to the wastewater treatment plant in Salem, MA.Read More
Billerica Phase 3 Water Resource Recovery Facility - Billerica, MA
This project is a complete replacement of the existing operations building at the main wastewater treatment facility as well as upgrades to the Salem Road and Waterview Avenue Sewer Pump Stations.Read More
Everett 3DS & CRS Systems - Everett, MA
This project upgrades the functionality of the client's recycling business.Read More
Marion Wastewater Treatment Facility - Marion, MA
This project is improving and modifying the lagoon system at Marion's Wastewater Treatment Facility.Read More
PNSY Paint, Blast, and Rubber Facility - Kittery, ME
The project consolidates the existing paint, blast, and rubber operations at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard to a newly constructed facility.Read More
Vernon Water Purification Control Facility Upgrade - Vernon, CT
The project is upgrading and retrofitting the water purification control facility in Vernon, CT.Read More
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