Experience Current Projects


Portsmouth, NH - Major Treatment Facility Expansion
The project is the largest in Portsmouth, NH history with a design flow of 6.1 million gallons per day. Read More
North Andover, MA - Organics-to-Energy Facility
This is the fourth digester to be built by Methuen Construction at the Greater Lawrence Sanitary District. Read More
Newburyport, MA - New Pump Station Construction
This very successful project constructed a new pump station on-time and on budget.Read More
Wareham, MA - Water Purification Plant
In addition to the water purification plant, a 3,200 foot 14 inch transmission main is included.Read More
Salem, MA - Combined Heat and Power Facility
This is a Modular Combined Heat & Power Facility at the South Essex Sewerage District Treatment Plant.Read More
Haverhill, MA - Water Treatment Plant Upgrades
The project includes extensive upgrades and improvements to Haverhill's water treatment plant.Read More
Norton, MA - New Water Treatment Plant
The new water treatment plant will remove iron and manganese from Norton's water supply.Read More
Portsmouth, NH - New Headworks Construction
Construction of a new headworks facility and septage receiving modifications.Read More
Worcester, MA - New Sewer Pump Station
A new Whitla Drive pump station is being built since the current station cannot handle overflow events.Read More
Newington, NH - Booster Pump Station Upgrade
An addition is being built on the Newington Booster Pump Station that was built in the 1950's.Read More
Newburyport, MA - Odor Control System
Construction of a new 20,000 cubic feet per minute bio-filter building and odor control systemRead More
Hopedale, MA - Ultraviolet Disinfection System Upgrade
This project includes replacement of an ultraviolet disinfection system, and two new secondary clarifiers.Read More
North Andover, MA - Pump Station Improvements
The improvements increase pumping capacity from 135 million gallons per day to 165 million gallons per day..Read More