Company History

  • 1960

    Methuen Construction Company was founded in 1960 by Leon and Elizabeth Asadoorian. The Company had its origins in residential and commercial site construction. In the mid 1960's Methuen began serving private utility companies throughout the Merrimack Valley of Massachusetts and New Hampshire. This is the original office at 90 North Lowell Street in Methuen, MA.

  • 1964

    In 1964 Methuen Construction Company grew in scope and diversity doing roadway projects in Massachusetts and New Hampshire while continuing in the private utility marketplace. This is the maintenance facility added to the original structure in 1964. Upon graduation from Northeastern University in 1964, Leon C. Asadoorian assumed management and ownership of the Company. The company built roads and did bridge reconstruction during this next phase of its development.

  • 1972

    We're Moving - The new larger location at Lindbergh Avenue, Methuen, MA includes 5,500 square feet of office space and 7,100 square feet of shop space with 5 overhead maintenance bays to service our large fleet of heavy equipment and trucks. The 1970's were a transformational period for Methuen Construction as the Federal Clean Water Act was created with a goal to make our nation's waterways swimmable and fishable. It was during this period that the company took on larger and more complex civil construction projects with complex earth support systems, bored and jacked large diameter pipelines.

  • 1975

    Methuen Construction Company expanded its scope of work experiences with its first major wastewater treatment plant. The facility was a new secondary treatment plant treating all of the flows for the town of Merrimack, Massachusetts. Utilizing its own carpenters, equipment operators, and mechanical trades people, Methuen Construction Company completed this project ahead of schedule and below budget. The Town of Merrimack continues to use the original treatment plant equipment and has commented on its flawless operation over the last forty years.

  • 2001

    This challenging project located in Lewiston, Maine involved the separation of combined sewage/drainage flow within an old concrete/stone/granite culvert running beneath 125 year old textile mills. Methuen Construction Company's unique design approach to solving this problem created a new sewer line encased in concrete at the bottom of the culvert which would serve as the invert for the drainage to flow over the top.

  • 2001

    Moving Day - June 25, 2001 - We are pleased to announce our relocation to a larger and better equipped location at 40 Lowell Road, Salem, NH with 13,575 square feet of office space and 9,900 square feet in our maintenance and fabrication facility. As we grow and expand our services, one constant remains - Our commitment to provide the highest quality of construction and design-build services to our clients. This new facility is our proud testament to that commitment.

  • 2010

    Methuen Construction celebrates its 50th Anniversary. (from the October 18, 2010 Eagle Tribune, North Andover, MA) Massachusetts State Senator Steven Baddour, Methuen Mayor William Manzi and Massachusetts State Representative Linda Dean Campbell were among more than 200 people on hand Thursday evening at the Wyndham Hotel in Andover to celebrate Methuen Construction's 50th anniversary.

    Methuen began in 1960 as a small family-owned business doing commercial and residential site construction. Now it is a full-service general contractor serving clients throughout the northeast. Methuen has won seven Excellence in Construction Awards from Associated Builders and Contractors over the last nine years. The company has also earned Anheuser Busch's Proud to be Safe award and has earned Associated Builders and Contractor's top safety award seven years in a row. Pictured are Baddour, Methuen Construction Chairman Leon C. Asadoorian and CEO Joseph A. Barbone Jr.

  • 2014

    In 2014, after 50 years of continuous ownership, the transition of Methuen Construction's ownership from Leon Asadoorian to Joseph Barbone was completed. On January 22nd, 2014 Mr. Barbone became Methuen Construction's President and sole owner. Mr. Barbone has been a Methuen Teammate for over 25 years and was the company's CEO for seven years prior to becoming President and owner. Mr. Asadoorian continues to contribute to Methuen Construction as a special consultant on government relations and public affairs.

    Under Leon Asadoorian's guidance and direction, Methuen Construction became a leading Industrial Construction Company committed to exceeding the expectations of its Clients, Partners, Employees and the Community at large. Under Mr. Barbone's leadership, those same ideals, values and philosophies of Methuen Construction, along with a total commitment to excellence, continues.

  • 2015

    In March, 2015, Methuen Construction Co. Inc. of Salem, NH announced the acquisition of a 170,000+/- SF facility in Plaistow, NH. The company will move to the new facility after extensive renovations that will begin immediately. The facility has 6 overhead bridge cranes, 26 roll-up doors, a rail siding and will have 40,000 SF of office space after the renovations.

    "This expansion is consistent with our vision statement and to further enhance our ability to seek and capture more exciting work opportunities, such as those that are currently in the works. In fact, it will greatly enhance our ability to grow and support these projects. This is the last physical move I believe will be required for quite some time. The last 15 years here in Salem has been rewarding as was the 40 years we spent in Methuen."

    ~ Joe Barbone - President & CEO

  • 2016

    Methuen Construction moved into their new state-of-the-art facility in Plaistow, NH on September, 30th, 2016. The facility has a total of 190,000 sq. ft. and sits on 35 acres of land. The new office space, which was built by Methuen Construction, has 36,000 sq. ft. that houses all Methuen Construction teammates.

  • 2017

    Methuen Construction was awarded the $72 Million contract for the upgrade of the Peirce Island Wastewater Treatment Plant in Portsmouth, NH, the largest construction project in the City's history. Construction has already begun and will take four years to complete. Some of the upgrades to the plant include:

    - New Headworks
    - Biologically aerated/anoxic filter (BAF) using the Kruger BioSTYRTM technology for Secondary Treatment and Nitrogen Removal
    - Rotary screw presses for solids dewatering

    The design flow of the upgraded plant is 6.1 Million Gallons per Day (MGD).

  • 2019

    Methuen Construction was awarded the $60 Million contract for the upgrade of P-293-Sand Blast and Paint Facility at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard. This is the largest construction project to date with the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard.

  • 2020

    In January 2020, Methuen Construction celebrated it's 60th year in business. Over the last 60 years, our collective commitment to producing high quality construction services has resulted in Methuen Construction becoming widely recognized as the top self-performing general contractor in the industry. 

  • 2021

    In August 2021, MWH Constructors acquired Methuen Construction.

    Both MWH and Methuen Construction have very similar values, cultures, and approaches to safety and project excellence. MWH and Methuen Construction are a team of more than 2,200 construction professionals across the U.S., with expertise in preconstruction, construction, design-build, self-performance, commissioning and start-up, digital delivery, and alternate project delivery methods. 

    "Our new affiliation with MWH Constructors allows us to continue to provide the highest level of service and commitment to our customers. Our commitment to delivering construction services in a manner that prioritizes safety, quality, and value remains firmly in place."

  • Future

    To further empower and develop a team of highly skilled, motivated and successful teammates consisting of the highest caliber construction professionals, utilizing a technologically advanced infrastructure to achieve sustained growth and profitability, enabling our organization to become the most widely recognized and chosen service provider among our target clients and market sectors across the Northeastern U.S.