Project Info:
Wareham Fire District

Construction of a Water Purification Plant, plus a backwash water tank, a settling tank, and lagoons.

Comprehensive Environmental, Inc.

Project Value:
$12.2 Million

Project Highlights:
The new plant includes UV for disinfection, and PH adjustment for corrosion control

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Wareham Maple Springs Water Purification Plant - Wareham, MA

The project consists of constructing a water treatment plant that includes removal of iron and manganese; UV for disinfection; free chlorine residual disinfection; and pH adjustment for corrosion control. A backwash water tank, a settling tank, and lagoons are included for residuals handling. Additionally, a 3,200 foot 14 inch transmission main is included for the Maple Springs Facility. The installation of a pump and connection to the Maple Park well is also included.                                                                                       All Photos: Bernstein Associates Photographers /  John Nunziato

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