Project Info:
Town of Vernon, CT

Major Pump Replacements for Various Systems, Rotary Drum Thickeners, UV Disinfection System, Primary & Secondary Clarifier Upgrades, IFAS Treatment System, Cloth Media Filtration System and various other mechanical upgrades.

Tighe & Bond

Project Value:
$51 Million

Project Highlights:
This project involves retrofitting and upgrading to the WPCF as well as replacing significant mechanical and electrical equipment.

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Vernon Water Purification Control Facility Upgrade - Vernon, CT

Methuen Construction won the contract to upgrade, retrofit and replace significant mechanical and electrical equipment at the Water Purification Control Facility in Vernon CT. The project involves retrofitting the powdered activated carbon activated sludge system into a new IFAS treatment system, the effluent sand filters into a new cloth media filtration system, the chlorine contact tanks into a new ultraviolet disinfection system, abandoned digesters into new sludge storage tanks, an abandoned vacuum filter room for use with new Rotating Drum Thickeners, and spaces to fit new chemical storage and metering systems.

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