Project Info:
City of Chicopee, MA

Secondary clarifier repairs and mechanical replacements

Tighe & Bond

Project Value:
$1.3 Million

Project Highlights:
The repair of the secondary clarifiers was critical to the integrity of the Chicopee Water Pollution Control Facility

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Chicopee Pollution Control Facility Upgrade - Chicopee, MA

This project at the the Chicopee Water Pollution Control facility repaired the concrete clarifiers, with cracks in the clarifier walls sealed and repaired. The work also included the demolition and replacement of the existing tank pressure relief/check valves and the removal and replacement of the grout wear surface. The existing clarifier mechanisms, weirs, baffles and supports were demolished and replaced. The entire sludge removal mechanism was replaced including the mechanical drive units, the draft tubes, corner sweeps and walkways.

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