Project Info:
Tom's of Maine

Site security including guard house construction and fence installation

Jacobs Engineering

Project Value:

Project Highlights:
Security upgrades meet Department of Homeland Security guidelines

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Sanford, ME - Site Security Upgrades

The goal of this project was to make the Tom's of Maine manufacturing facility secure and to meet Department of Homeland Security guidelines.  The Industrial Services Group  cleared the area around the facility and completely enclosed the entire perimeter with a 9 foot fence topped with 1 foot of barbed wire angled outward at a 45 degree angle.  A second  component of the project was the installation of lighting that completely illuminates the perimeter fencing. Two 9 foot high x 67 foot 6 inch long chain link Fortress box frame cantilever slide gates with barbed wire topping were installed in the perimeter fencing.  The final piece of the project was the installation of a 20 foot x 10 foot aluminum framed guard house at the main entrance, plus paving of the cleared area. The Tom's of Maine facility now meets DHS guidelines.