Project Info:
City of Attleboro, MA

Custom fabricated surge tank, butterfly valve, and 48" steel pipe

CDM Smith Associates

Project Value:

Project Highlights:
An 80+ year-old butterfly valve was replaced

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Attleboro Reservoir Pump Station Improvements - Attleboro, MA

The Industrial Services Group was responsible for furnishing and installing all materials and equipment necessary for the Luther Reservoir Raw Water Pumping Station upgrade.  A challenging part of the project was the removal and replacement of the 80+ year-old  48-inch butterfly valve beneath the existing structure. This proved to be very difficult as the existing butterfly valve was installed before the building was built on top of it, resulting in limited access.  Another key component was the replacement of the existing 48” diameter pressure vessel and associated 16” ductile iron piping and valves. The new surge tank was custom fabricated and coated with a safety blue epoxy.

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