Project Info:
Town of Killingly, CT

Bio-filter Odor Control System


Project Value:
$3.3 Million

Project Highlights:
The odor control improvements were completed ahead of schedule, before the warmest months of the year, which were the most contentious, from an odor standpoint.

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Killingly Bio-Filter Odor Control System - Killingly, CT

General Contractor including self-performing of site work, excavation, concrete, yard piping, process piping, civil, equipment installation, and coordination of system startup. The new odor control facilities consist of bio-filters, ductwork, and aluminum plate covers. Additionally, a new septage receiving facility with mechanical septage screening device and aerated septage storage tank was built as well. Replacement of the existing coarse bubble aeration system, and installation of two new centrifugal blowers with automatic dissolved oxygen control system were also part of the project.

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