Project Info:
City of Newburyport, MA

20,000 cubic feet per minute biofilter

Environmental Partners

Project Value:
$4.1 Million

Project Highlights:
Construction of a complex odor control system

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Newburyport Odor Control System - Newburyport, MA

This project consists of the installation of: 1) a new 20,000 cubic feet per minute biofilter comprised of engineered media housed in a new cast-in-place concrete vessel, 2) all exterior odor control ductwork: 316 spiral stainless steel above ground and DR15 PVC generally below ground, galvanized support columns and beams; connections to existing odor control system and exterior booster fans, 3) supply air systems including two new make-up air units and interior ductwork, 4) two primary clarifier flat aluminum covers, new stair, lighting, electrical wiring, and ductwork, 5) new septage receiving station with inline sewage grinder, rock basket, and 6) demolition of the existing biofilter, irrigation piping, buried structures, concrete pads, concrete barriers, ductwork, and electrical components.

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