Project Info:
City of Lawrence, MA

Fabricate, furnish, and Repair tower Spire

George G. Adams - original tower architect

Methuen Industrial Services

Project Value:

Project Highlights:
Special safety procedures were implemented for work on the roof of the tower.

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Lawrence Historic Water Tower Repair - Lawrence, MA

The spire of the Lawrence High Service Water Tower, built in 1896, had collapsed and needed to be repaired and replaced. Methuen Industrial Services took on the job of repairing and replacing the damaged spire.  Since much of the work was atop the 157 foot high tower, special site-specific safety procedures were implemented. In addition to the spire, a 1/8" copper bar exoskeleton was fabricated and attached to the original finial, which was reinstalled in a watertight manner. Finally, a larger roof hatch and ladder were installed for safer and easier access to the tower roof.

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