Project Info:
Lynn Water and Sewer Commission

Large Diameter Micro-Tunnel, Large Diameter Ductile Iron, 16,875 GPM Pumps


Project Value:
$38.9 Million

Project Highlights:
The constructed pumping station will include an inlet screening chamber, a pump wet well, and a discharge valve vault.

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West Lynn Phase III Sewer Separation - Lynn, MA

The project involves constructing a below-grade 96 MGD pump station with five stormwater pumps and one dewatering pump. The pumping station includes an inlet screening chamber, a pump wet well, and a discharge valve vault. Work of this contract also includes construction of approximately 1,000 linear feet of 54-inch diameter HDPE pipe cased in a 66-inch diameter steel casing by micro tunneling methods. Methuen will coordinate with private utilities to protect, relocate and/or replace their facilities, including National Grid gas main improvements and electrical service entrance. Relocation of utilities in Commercial and Bennet Streets as well as providing by-pass pumping for storm sewer and combined sewer relocations is also included in the scope of work. For water main relocations Methuen will provide bypass piping, service connections and hydrant connections. Other work includes removal and legal disposal of five suspected underground fuel oil storage tanks with excavation of three metallic anomalies along the south project boundary and legal disposal of the same; removal and disposal of the top eight feet of soil from the site; cap existing utilities in the area of the pumping station and the electrical building as well as remove and legally dispose of the existing piping between the caped sections; removal and legal disposal of light towers; reconstruction of athletic field adjacent to the site; roadway restoration including asphalt paving, concrete sidewalk and curbing; temporary facilities and environmental controls; geotechnical instrumentation and monitoring; dewatering; temporary flow bypassing; maintenance of traffic; and general site work.