Project Info:
Town of Billerica, MA

Major Electrical Upgrades, Chemical System Upgrades and I&C Upgrades

Woodard & Curran

Project Value:
$9.7 Million

Project Highlights:
This projects replaces the Operations Building at the WRRF facility and improves both the Salem Road and Waterview Avenue Sewer Pump Stations.

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Billerica Phase 3 Water Resource Recovery Facility - Billerica, MA

Methuen Construction was awarded Phase 3 WRRF Improvements project which consisted of demolition and replacement of the Operations Building; construction of a plant-wide emergency generator and new switchboard; construction of a post-aeration basin drain system; demolition and replacement of the sodium hypochlorite storage tank and containment structure; demolition and replacement of the sodium bisulfite storage tank; demolition and replacement of the chlorine analyzer storage shed; relocation of the sodium hypochlorite feed pumps; relocation of the plant water pumps; construction of a permanent town-water connection; architectural and building system improvements for the Administration Building; replacement of overhead and man-doors at the Compost Building; replacement of ejector pump system components, construction of portable generator port, and replacement of controls at the Waterview Avenue Pump Station; hazardous material abatement, demolition and replacement of emergency backup generator, construction of force main bypass system, replacement of controls, and building, site, and mechanical improvements to the Salem Road Pump Station.