Project Info:
Town of Merrimack, NH

Climber Style Mechanical Screen, Clarifier Mechanisms, Aluminum Sludge Holding Tank Covers, Various Style Pumps, (2) New 500kw Generators


Project Value:
$17.2 Million

Project Highlights:
This project upgrades the wastewater treatment system and improves both the Souhegan and Thornton's Ferry Pump Stations.

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Merrimack Wastewater Treatment Facility Upgrade Phase III - Merrimack, NH

Methuen Construction is upgrading the Town of Merrimack Wastewater Treatment Facility, Souhegan Pump Station and Thornton's Ferry Pump Station in Merrimack, NH. Work on the Wastewater Treatment Facility includes renovating the main pump station with new influent pumps, piping/valves, slide gates, and monorails/hoists and upgrades to the building, control and electric systems. The Souhegan Pump Station and Thonrton's Ferry Pump Station will both be renovated with new influent pumps, piping/valves, stop and slide gates, monorails/hoists, and channel grinder. Relining of the existing force main, upgrades to the building, control and electrical systems are also includes in the scope of work for both pump stations. 

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