Project Info:
Town of Westborough, MA

Kruger ACTIFLO Phosphorous Removal System and Facility Expansion


Project Value:
$50 Million

Project Highlights:
Project was completed without interruption to the Westborough wastewater treatment process.

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Westborough Major Upgrades and Expansion - Westborough, MA

Methuen Construction was the Construction Manager on this complex project, which upon completion allowed the Westborough, MA Wastewater Treatment Facility to meet federal regulations limiting the amount of Phosphorous in the effluent discharged into the Assabet River. The project was completed safely with 150,000 man-hours worked with no lost-time injuries. The project was also more than $1.8 Million under budget and was completed 3 months ahead of schedule. Methuen Construction self-performed 56% of all work on the project.

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