Project Info:
Greater Lawrence Sanitary District

2500 feet of Hobas Pipe, 87 feet of 72 inch steel pipe

Kleinfelder/SEA Consultants, Inc.

Project Value:
$11 Million

Project Highlights:
Excavated/Installed 2500’ of 72” Hobas pipe, fabricated and installed 87’ of steel pipe inside/outside pump station.

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North Andover Force Main Replacement - North Andover, MA

The project consisted of Modifications to the Riverside Pump Station and installation of 2500’ of 72" Force Main Hobas Pipe. A major issue to be addressed was a significant conflict between the specified location of the Force Main and existing Utilities. Methuen performed intensive redesign, survey and exploratory excavation work to determine a location where the force main could be safely installed. This redesign work was done within a two-week period. Additionally, 87 feet of 72 inch epoxy coated steel pipe was fabricated and installed both inside and outside of the Pump Station. 

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