Project Info:
City of Gardner, MA

Ultra-filtration Membrane Filtration

Earth Tech

Project Value:
$3.7 Million

Project Highlights:
The new facility treats & delivers to the City of Gardner a minimum of 3 million gallons per day.

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Gardner Ultra Filtration Treatment Facility - Gardner, MA

As the General Contractor, Methuen Construction provided construction management, sitework, concrete work, miscellaneous metals, structural steel, carpentry, plus thermal and moisture protection for this new water treatment facility.

The Crystal Lake Water Treatment Facility is a new facility designed to treat and deliver a minimum of 3 million gallons of water per day to the City of Gardner, MA. Construction of the main treatment building was on the shore of Crystal Lake and required continuous protection of the lake during the construction project.

The project included a twenty-four inch diameter supply line that extended one-hundred feet into the lake and was secured in a saddle to assure continuous supply. Primary fltration consists of four trains of Koch membrane ultra-fltration systems. Each train is capable of delivering one million gallons of finished water. Normal operation is with three trains in operation and one on standby.

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