Project Info:
City of Worcester, MA

Sewer Catch Basin Cleaning/Valve Replacement

Methuen Construction Company

Project Highlights:
Careful planning and traffic control were imperative for the safety of the Industrial Services team and motorists using the street.

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Worcester Sewer Catch Basin Cleaning - Worcester, MA

As part of a contract with the Worcester Sewer and Water Department, the Industrial Services Group was responsible for cleaning and repairing a sewer catch basin underneath a busy city street. A traffic control detail was required to provide a safe working environment for the crew. Also required was an excavator to safely remove the 8 inches of asphalt covering the trench where the sewer piping and valves were located. Before entering the sewer a trench box was inserted since the trench was unstable and unsafe. Once the Industrial Services crew was able to enter the trench, they found flow fill and excessive stone around the piping & valves. The valves were cleaned and tested, plus one valve cap was replaced. The site was then completely cleaned and secured with an 8’ x 16’ road plate to allow repaving of the street by the city.

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