Project Info:
City of Portsmouth, NH

New Building Construction


Project Value:
$6.0 Million

Project Highlights:
The new headworks facility includes influent screening, grit removal, odor control and wastewater pumping systems along with site work, utility relocations, electrical and SCADA upgrades.

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Portsmouth, NH - New Headworks Construction

The new Headworks Building will house equipment that provides preliminary treatment to raw wastewater entering the Pease treatment facility. This includes removal of rags and other debris through a wastewater screen, removal of sand and other debris in a grit removal device and raw wastewater pumping to lift the wastewater to the next phase of treatment. The project will also include a new odor control system for the entire wastewater treatment facility. This will be done by incorporating two new carbon odor control systems (carbon vessel, fans and ductwork); one system for the septage receiving, headworks and primary clarifiers and a second system for sludge storage and processing.