Project Info:
City of Worcester, MA

New Sewer Pump Station

Tighe & Bond

Project Value:
$6.1 Million

Project Highlights:
The new pump station will be able to meet EPA standards for Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO)

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Worcester, MA - New Sewer Pump Station

The Whitla Drive sewer pump station, built in 1963, can barely handle the normal sewer flow and is totally  inadequate during high Combined Sewer Overflow events. The City of Worcester contracted Methuen Construction to build a new pump station that can handle peak flows of up to 5.7 million gallons per day. The work  includes  demolition of the existing Whitla Pump Station, excavation, dewatering, site work, and concrete for the new pump station building. Additionally, the installation of three dry pit submersible pumps, an odor control system, sewers, force mains, instrumentation, and electrical are all part of the project.