Project Info:
City of Newburyport, MA

Complete Pump Station including all equipment, piping, monitoring, and control systems.

Beta Partners

Project Value:
$4.9 Million

Project Highlights:
The Project Team worked closely with the City of Newburyport, the Engineer, subcontractors and suppliers to deliver a new pump station on-time and on budget.

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Newburyport Pump Station Construction - Newburyport, MA

This very successful project constructed a new pump station on Graf Road in Newburyport, MA. The existing pump station remained operational during construction, eliminating the need for costly bypass operations. The project included all site work, the new pump station, submersible pumps, control systems, alarm monitoring, flow monitoring, emergency generator, heating/ventilation, instrumentation, and yard piping. Teamwork between the Project Team, the City, the Engineer, and subcontractors resulted in the delivery of a Pump Station that meets Newburyport's current and future needs.

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