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FIBA Technologies, Inc.

Steel Quench Tank Fabrication

FIBA Technologies, Inc

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Project Highlights:
The finished tank was delivered with all welds tested and passed, one week ahead of schedule.

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Littleton Modular Steel Quench Tank Fabrication - Littleton, MA

FIBA Technologies, Inc., a globally recognized leader in providing gas containment equipment and services, contracted us to fabricate a new two piece quench tank.  The tank weighs 110,000 pounds and is 55 feet long by 14 feet wide and 14 feet tall. The design required all tolerances including internal components to be less than 1/8th inch over the 55 foot length of the tank. The bottom and top sections were fabricated separately and fit perfectly when welded together at the facility. Special rigging for transport required a 30 ton forklift, two 70 ton cranes, and a custom low bed stretch trailer. Delivery to the owner’s facility required multi-state permits and escorts.

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