Project Info:
City of Somersworth

Ballasted Microsand Pretreatment system


Project Value:
$7.4 Million

Project Highlights:
Preserved the 110-year old facility while upgrading to a Ballasted Microsand Pretreatment system

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Somersworth Building Preservation & Filtration - Somersworth, NH

Methuen Construction prepared a 110-year-old building to accept the first Ballasted Microsand Pretreatment system in the Northeast while maintaining 3 million gallons per day of plant flow and associated treatment. After optimizing the new pretreatment system, Methuen refurbished a 30-year-old upflow clarifier filtering system by replacing and installing four Multi-Media Underdrain Filters. In addition, sections of the historic building were converted into Chemical Treatment rooms without negatively impacting the existing architectural detail.

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