Project Info:
City of Marlborough, MA

Aluminum and Galvanized Miscellaneous Metals, Structural Steel Beams

CDM Smith

Project Value:

Project Highlights:
All fabrication and installation was carefully planned to allow uninterrupted operation of the Easterly Wastewater Treatment facility

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Marlborough, MA - Treatment Plant Upgrades

Summit Metal Fabricators provided the fabrications for the $46 Million upgrade and expansion of the Marlborough Easterly Wastewater Treatment Facility.  All fabrications and installations were carefully planned and executed to coordinate with the general contractor’s schedule so that normal operation of the facility could continue without interruption.  Fabrications included: 2,534 linear feet of aluminum rails and guardrails;1,645 square feet of aluminum plates, grates and covers; 1600 square feet of galvanized aluminum grating/framing; 20 structural steel beams; and 97 aluminum rise rails.