Project Info:
Town of Billerica, MA

Sewage pumps, piping, SCADA, and VFD systems

Woodard & Curran

Project Value:
$9.6 Million

Project Highlights:
All work was done without interruption to the pump station operations.

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Billerica Energy Efficient Upgrades - Billerica, MA

The Industrial Services Group was the General Contractor on this project to upgrade the components of the largest wastewater pumping station in the Town of Billerica, MA. The work included the installation of three new 100 HP wastewater pumps, each with capacities of 10.4 MGD. Critical to the success of this project was keeping the station up and running at all times. Demolition of the existing sluice gates, pumps, and installation of new equipment had to be carefully coordinated to ensure that there was no interruption of service. Along with the new pumping equipment, the instrumentation and controls of the pump station were upgraded to include new Variable-Frequency Drives, wet level monitoring, and a SCADA system.

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