Project Info:
City of Nashua, NH

Automated Crest-Gate Installation

H.L. Turner Goup

Project Value:
$ 1.1 Million

Project Highlights:
The completion of the project allowed a $26 Million housing project to proceed.

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Nashua Hydro Dam Rehab, Crest Gate Install - Nashua, NH

The successful completion of this project allowed a $26 Million housing project to proceed and remove 80 businesses and residences from the 100-year floodplain, thus reducing the cost of flood insurance. Methuen Construction was the general contractor for this project whose main component was the installation of a pneumatically adjustable Obermeyer crest gate that uses a compressed air piping system and steel plate operation to inflate or deflate the gate automatically to coordinate with the rise and fall of the river. Part of this project was the successful removal and reinstallation of a hydroelectric turbine that generates power for the local community.

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