Project Info:
Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority - MBTA

Structural Steel, Stainless Steel & Miscellaneous Metals

Lozano, Baskin & Associates


Project Value:

Project Highlights:
A total of 150 tons of structural and miscellaneous metals were fabricated and installed with zero field welding allowed.

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Littleton, MA - Commuter Rail Station Construction

The project consisted of the ground-up construction of a new commuter rail station to replace the existing station. The project team supplied a total of 150 tons of stainless steel, structural and miscellaneous iron. The project included more than 400 feet of ramp superstructure and a 50 foot long pedestrian bridge. All material was galvanized and shop painted with zero field welding allowed.

The ramp superstructure and pedestrian bridge wall system is comprised of 367 custom 316L stainless steel mesh wall panels with over 15,000 square feet of mesh. The pedestrian bridge required the assembly of the full floor and side walls at the fabrication shop. All sections were then shipped to Littleton, which required state trooper escorts and special permits.