Project Info:
City of Nashua, NH

Unique 1-million gallon holding tank and overflow purification system

Hazen & Sawyer

Project Value:
$11.8 Million

Project Highlights:
Discharge pipe tunnel to the river does not weaken the Army Corp of Engineers levee

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Nashua Combined Sewer Overflow Facility - Nashua, NH

As is the case with many muncipalities, The City of Nashua, NH had an issue with rainwater and sewage being transported to the wastewater treatment facility in the same pipes.  During heavy rains, the system would become overloaded, causing untreated sewage to be released into the Merrimack river. In partnership with the EPA, Nashua developed a plan to eliminate the contaminated overflow.  Methuen Construction was contracted to build a state-of-the-art Combined Sewer Overflow facility, which consists of a one million gallon holding tank, a purification system, and a river discharge tunnel/pipe.

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