Project Info:

Biothane Bio-Energy Recovery System

Ventura Engineering

Project Value:
$3.3 Million

Project Highlights:
Self-performed the majority of the contract work on-time and on-budget

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Merrimack Bio-Energy Recovery System - Merrimack, NH

Methuen Industrial Services was part of the team that constructed a Biothane Bio-Energy Recovery System, BERS, at the Anheuser-Busch Brewery in Merrimack, NH.  The project team was responsible for implementing a complete design-build/start-up BERS system developed by the Biothane Corporation, now a Veolia subsidiary. The BERS system collects all of the brewery's process wastewater, biologically reduces the contents of the wastewater in anaerobic reactors to produce a methane-rich biogas, and utilizes this gas to fuel the brewery's boilers.

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