New Hampshire Statistics

Statewide Housing Data

  • $274,300 - New Hampshire Median
  • $348,000 - Rockingham County Median
  • $255,100 - Merrimack County Median
  • $253,700 - Strafford County Median
  • $293,500 - Hillsborough County Median

Cost of Living

  • Manchester, NH has a 17% lower cost of living compared to Boston, MA
  • Manchester, NH has a 21% lower cost of living compared to Fairfax, VA
  • Manchester, NH has a 9% lower cost of living compared to Philadelphia, PA
  • Manchester, NH has a 5% lower cost of living compared to Charleston, SC

Economic Benefits

  • No income tax
  • No sales tax
  • Best rate of taxpayer return in US
  • Lowest poverty rate in the nation
  • 5th lowest unemployment rate
  • Least expensive state to own a car

New Hampshire Highlights

  • NH ranked top 13 in education
  • 1 hour from the seacoast, mountains, and the historic city of Boston
  • NH ranked #2 "Safest State to Live"
  • NH ranked #4 in "Best State to Live"
  • Breathtaking seasons & scenery

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