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Leading With Safety - Safety Recognition

Matt Viera

On receiving Methuen’s Safety Recognition Award

For his continuous commitment to safety, Matt received:

This is what supervisors shared about Matt:

  • “Recently Matt prevented a release of untreated water at the Marion site after a discharge hose ruptured unexpectedly. The Marion crew was preparing for the installation of a new meter vault, to support this task the crew had to cut a small hole in an existing pipe to allow untreated water to slowly discharge into a containment which was being pumped into a Lagoon. Matt was tasked with ensuring the containment did not overflow, within a few minutes of pumping the untreated water the discharge hose ruptured. Matt responded immediately and plugged the hose until repairs could be made. Matt’s response was so significant due to the scrutiny the town is under by the DEP and the EPA.”    
  • “Matt is a very conscientious worker. He jumps in and takes ownership of the tasks he is assigned. His hard work and positive attitude show up in the safety-orientated approach he takes.”

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