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Leading with Safety Recognitions

Two of our Teammates Ed Bakanosky (pictured left) and Jeff Enderson (pictured right) were recently recognized for their commitment to safety.

Ed Bakonosky was recognized for identifying an assigned task was not on the Daily Activity Plan (DAP). Ed’s attention to the DAP and application of safety controls showcases a dedication to safety that sets a precedent. Ensuring that all teammates understand safety risks and controls prior to starting a new task not only makes us safer builds momentum on continuous safety improvement.

Jeff Enderson was recognized for identifying a silica related tool that was malfunctioning. He recognized that the Hilti vacuum’s self cleaning “knocking” mechanism wasn’t functioning. Jeff tagged the tool out with the description of the malfunction so the shop Teammates were aware and it wasn’t put back into circulation on another job. Jeff also takes the time to assist in spotting equipment operators on a regular basis on a very congested jobsite to do his part in preventing workplace accidents.