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Leading With Safety - Safety Recognition


Jeff Nadeau

On receiving Methuen’s Safety Recognition Award

For his continuous commitment to safety

This is what supervisors shared about Jeff :

  • “Doc represents everything that a Methuen Teammate should be. He consistently demonstrates his commitment to the Methuen Way by taking a lead on all safety items for the Haverhill project.”
  • “Jeff is always looking at new and safer ways to perform his tasks and helping other teammates perform their work in a safer manner too. His attention to detail completing the Daily Activity Plans is second to none and the information he shares with the crew on these plans, helps everyone think about their tasks before jumping in.”
  • “Jeff has helped our new Teammates grow within their trade and from a safety standpoint.”
  • Jeff has been a huge part with preplanning upcoming mechanical work at Haverhill WTP. He looks ahead at all the safety aspects such as access plans, fall protection, and assists with the development of rigging.”
  • “I have witnessed Jeff speak up to other Teammates and subcontractors if they are not adhering to MC safety policies and procedures. He consistently looks out for others working in our jobsite. “