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Leading With Safety - Innovative Safety Solution

Three Teammates, Tom Page, Eric Wood, and Brian Hilton were recognized on the Haverhill project for their innovative solution to installing three large sections of rail for the bridges in the sand filter room

The Team had to install one section of railing that was 30’ long and two sections that were 40’ long. Due to the weight of the rails and inability to use equipment to set the rails the Team designed and built a system that would allow them to pull the rail into place. The Team built a platform out of 2x6’s to set the railing on, from there they were able to work at ground level and slowly slide the railing into place. By doing this, the Team eliminated the need to lift and carry the rails over the Suez system and they also eliminated working from elevated heights.  

The Leading with Safety Program recognizes Teammates not only for personal safety practices but more importantly, as a leader who addresses worksite safety issues. By working together and exhibiting safety leadership, we are able to provide a safe working environment for all.