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Leading by Example and Addressing Unsafe Behaviors Onsite

We recently had multiple Teammates at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard recognized for their leadership in safety.

Josh Bomba & Tyler Burrows showed initiative when a subcontractor's MEWP was turning and the tail swing was going to strike anchor bolts on a pier. The two of them spoke to the operator and spotter for the subcontractor who stopped and relocated the MEWP to a safe position to prevent significant damage to the wall, anchor bolts, and MEWP.

Matt Rousseau took action when he observed a subcontractor employee climbing a 36-foot ladder to the scaffold without fall protection. Matt stopped the subcontractor, showed him where the installed fall block line was located and instructed the subcontract that fall protection is required when accessing the 36-foot-high staging. Matt's action served to educate the subcontractor and protect the subcontractor from a fall hazard.

Dave Ridge demonstrated a commitment to safe excavation by taking initiative to apply the "Red Stop/Green Go" while excavating around three different duct banks at the PNSY. Dave consistently demonstrates a commitment to safety through his proactive actions regarding safety.