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Leading with Safety: Addressing Unsafe Behaviors and Conditions Onsite

We recently had two Teammates at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard recognized for their leadership in safety.

Following a concrete placement, Tanner Woods noticed that at the concrete truck washout the water froze on the paved portion of the washout area. This is a high-traffic area used by the steel erectors and others for access to the site. Upon identifying the unsafe condition, Tanner addressed it with ice melt and sand and eliminated the potential slip hazard.

Ryan Daley, a project engineer at PBR, observed a subcontractor teammate working well above 6 feet without fall protection. Ryan safely got the attention of the teammate and had him come down, removing him from the hazard. Ryan then informed the site superintendent to ensure corrective actions were implemented. Ryan showed great leadership by addressing the unsafe behavior immediately and potentially prevented a fall that could have resulted in a serious injury, if not a fatality.