Kudos From Tom's of Maine - New Sump Pump Installation


Thanks for preserving and finding a good solution, both for this job task and for the task of aligning the mixer head for the Lee.

I found in both instances Methuen's team were well versed in defining a good set-up and a safe (or as safe as practical) and effective means of executing the entry. I was impressed by the calm, cool, collected leadership exemplified.

Confined space entries are never fun, and are high-risk activities that must be taken with utmost seriousness - maintaining this level of professionalism really helped. As I try to explain in any entry, it may seem at first like we are posing more hurdles, but in actuality we are putting Tom's and C-P values of world-class EOHS performance into play in order to ensure everyone's safety and well-being."

David J. (DJ) D'Agostino, EIT, LEED AP O+M  
EOHS Coodinator | Tom's of Maine