Leadership Development Program

Leadership Development

The Methuen Construction Leadership Development Program (LDP) is intended to provide every Methuen employee, regardless of his/her position, opportunities to build on their education and to advance both personally & corporately, enabling promising careers.

The objectives of this program are to:

  • Develop a "Culture of Leadership" within the organization
  • Improve corporate performance
  • Improve corporate image
  • Improve corporate morale
  • Improve corporate retention
  • Identify future leaders within the organization
  • Create a path to develop future leaders
  • Align talent with corporate goals

Program Vision

To create a Leadership Development Program that will over time, self-sustain and endure both external and internal challenges to the organization and encourage teammate building to better influence others within the organization. A teammate structure will enable them to share common goals, values, and attitudes and encourage them to work more effectively toward supporting the organization's vision.

Alignment with Corporate Vision

The need to drive cultural change within the organization will be improved through the creation of standards, practices, processes, metrics and leadership programs.

Through the integration and linkage of the Corporate Vision with the Leadership Development Program, the needs and long-term goals of Methuen will effectively be met.

By effectively communicating the reasons and implications for the Corporate Vision through the Leadership Development Program, current and future leaders at Methuen will better understand their role in translating this vision into a reality.

Leadership Development

Corporate Responsibility


We strive to provide continuing worker education, training, mentoring and regular review processes for all our employees. In addition to our general education efforts, we also:

  • Provide apprenticeship programs for many skills including: Pipefitter, Craft Laborer, Millwright, Carpenter, Heavy Equipment Operator and Ironworker. Our apprenticeship programs are paid and require 3 to 5 years to complete.
  • Provide in-house training via Methuen University classes offered in a number of areas: trades certification (i.e. pipefitter, welder, hoisting), construction finance, OSHA 10 certification, wastewater treatment, estimating, building math, computing training (i.e. MS Office).
  • Provide training for teammate advancement including a comprehensive Leadership and Management program.
  • Provide a safety mentoring program where Teammates earn an Orange hardhat under the direction of a supervisor or foreman.

Health & Well Being

Methuen knows the importance of healthy living. In addition to providing health training articles, morning stretching program for active workers and health plan incentives, every year Methuen Construction provides:

  • New hire orientation training outlining Healthcare insurance, life insurance, vacation and time off, prescription drug plan, dental and eye care insurance, etc.
  • Healthcare screening at company meetings provided by healthcare professionals
  • CPR training including using on-site defibrillator and emergency procedures

Philanthropy & Volunteerism

Our community matters. Buy providing donations and volunteer hours, both corporately and individually, Methuen Construction is proud to provide:

  • Financial support to local charities such as the Police Patrolmen's Association, Boy Scouts of America, the VFW and the Santa Fund
  • Leadership and manpower support for local chapters of national organizations such as the Exchange Club, American Cancer Society, Rotary Club and Knights of Columbus.
  • Support for participants in athletic events such as the Boston Marathon to support various causes such as Children's Hospital and Brigham and Women's Hospital and the Pan-Mass Challenge


  • Steel, cardboard, paper-future cans, bottles, plastic, etc.
  • Every year we recycle 150,000 + lbs of scrap metals and 100+ Cubic Yards cardboard and paper.

Energy conservation

  • Automatic lights, changed light fixtures, etc.
  • 2001, we installed programmable thermostats on all of our office HVAC units and purchased $21,000 of low energy lighting reducing our electrical usage by 40,000 KW per year
  • 2009, we purchased $16,000 of low energy lighting and motion controlled light switches reducing our electrical usage by 28,000 KW per year
  • 2013, we purchased $7,000 of low energy lighting for unit 8 and our exterior wall packs reducing our electrical usage by 10,000 KW per year