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Methuen Construction has the capabilities to provide industrial modular solutions for the Oil & Gas, Chemical Processing, Water & Wastewater, Power & Renewable, Food & Beverage, Manufacturing, and other industries that require complex modular solutions. Whether it's stand alone treatment modules for water & wastewater plants, self-contained power generation modules for electric utilities, or modular piping systems for oil & gas compaies, our engineers, designers and skilled teammates can design and build modular units for any project. 


Littleton Modular Pedestrian Bridge - Littleton, MA
The project provided a modular pedestrian bridge and walkways at the new commuter rail station.Read More
PNSY Dockside Refueling Enclosure (DRE-6) - Kittery, ME
Fabrication and installation of a Dockside Refueling Enclosure (DRE-6) at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard.Read More
SESD Combined Heat and Power Facility - Salem, MA
This is a Modular Combined Heat & Power Facility at the South Essex Sewerage District Treatment Plant.Read More
Haverhill Methane Gas Engine - Haverhill, MA
This modular methane gas engine project included piping, electrical, concrete, and equipment setting.Read More
PNSY Submarine Propulsor Enclosure - Kittery, ME
Fabrication of a new modular, maintenance structure to cover the aft section of Virginia-Class submarines.Read More
Londonderry Custom Modular Frame - Londonderry, NH
This project fabricated and installed a modular stainless steel frame for a food roller compactor.Read More
Palm Beach Modular Gangways and Railings - Palm Beach, FL
The project provided the galvanized gangways and railings for the new Berth 17 in Palm Beach, FLRead More
San Diego Food Composter/Digester - San Diego, CA
The food composter/digester was constructed in NH and installed at the San Diego Food Bank.Read More
Sandy Hook Beach Erosion Control System - Sandy Hook, NJ
The project provided the design, construction, and installation of skid-mounted sand slurry pumps.Read More
Modular Pipe Rack System - U.S. Locations
The modular sections were fabricated and assembled in NH, and then shipped to U.S. locations.Read More
PNSY Submarine Maintenance Enclosures - Kittery, ME
Structural steel submarine maintenance modules were delivered to the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard.Read More
PNSY Enclosures with Retractable Roofs - Kittery, ME
Modifications & upgrade of the dry-dock #3 Submarine Maintenance Enclosures with retractable roofs.Read More
PNSY Submarine Maintenance Modules - Kittery, ME
This project repaired and modernized mission-critical nuclear submarine maintenance enclosures.Read More
South Acton Commuter Rail Station - South Acton, MA
Two 800-foot-long, high level, side boarding platforms and a modular pedestrian bridge were key components.Read More
Littleton Modular Steel Quench Tank Fabrication - Littleton, MA
The tank, with all welds complete and tested, was delivered one week ahead of schedule.Read More
Winthrop Modular Air Handling Units - Winthrop, MA
Two modular stainless steel air handling units were installed at the Deer Island Water Treatment Plant.Read More
Barnstable Emergency Pump Station - Barnstable, MA
This project constructed an emergency water pump station for the Hyannis Water System.Read More
Falmouth Water Treatment Control System - Falmouth, MA
The Industrial Services Group Installed an automated control system at the Long Pond Treatment plant.Read More
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